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The courses I teach at SLIS pretty much resemble my research interests. All courses have lab sections so that students "learn by doing". Interdisciplinary team work is a must. If you are interested in the topics and you have good programming skills - apply for an independent study!

If you are a Ph.D. student working with me please consult the Advice for Ph.D. Students page. See also the list of TODOs and TODOnots and the Advise for Programmers.
Also, please atttend the SCAN meetings, the SLIS Colloquium, CS related talks in the Cognitive Science Colloquium Series, and high-end visualization talks in the Systems Research Seminar. Some talkes are recorded.

top Courses
S604Structural Data Mining and Modeling (formerly L597) Fall 03 / Fall 04 / Fall 05, Spring 09
S637 Information Visualization
(formerly L697 and L579)

Spring 01 / Spring 02 / Spring 03 (by J. Baumgartner) / Spring 04 / Spring 05 / Spring 06, Spring 08, Spring 09, Spring 10, Spring 11: Tue 9:30a-12:15p, LI030/LI002
Final Project Results

L578 User Interface Design for Information Systems (now L575 Interface Design for Collaborative Information Spaces) Fall 00 / Fall 01 / Summer I 02
Final Projects Fall 2000
L542 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction Spring 00 / Fall 00 / Spring 01 / Fall 01 / Spring 02 / Summer I 02 / Fall 03
Final Projects: Mathers Museum, IU Digital Library Program, Puck Puppet Theatre. Other final projects are linked from the L542 class web pages.
H212 (Spring 99)  / HomeFinder project  / some students taking H212
C212/A592 (Fall 98)  / Course Outline  / some students taking C212
Courses taught in Germany 1997/98

Independent Studies

  • S710, Peter A. Hook, Plucker Research. (SSI10)

Previous Independent Studies

  • S710, Angela Zoss, SciSIP Content Analysis (ISSI paper) (S11)
  • S765 (4cr), Angela Zoss, Visual Literacy and Information Visualization (TTURC IV paper) (S11)
top Tutorials

- Analyzing and Visualizing Knowledge Domains Tutorial. Presented at Electronic Imaging, Santa Clara, CA, Jan 23rd 2003.
- InfoVis CyberInfrastructure. Presentation at InfoVis 2004, London, UK, July 15th, 2004.
- Data Analysis, Modeling and Visualization Tutorial at Electronic Imaging, San Jose, CA, Jan 16th, 2005.

All slides are available upon request.

Instructional Materials
- JavaScript Resources
- 3-D Modeling & Animation Tools
- 3D Online Browsers
- RWX Models for AW
- Handin Pages & Documentation
- InfoVis Reference Books compiled by Ketan Mane

- Information Visualization Software Repository
- AW WorldMapper
- AW Bot Usage & Programming, Taco Tutorial
- ChatlogVisualization

top Students in InfoVis Lab (see also Ph.D. students)
student pic Le Kim Liwag Nguyen
Student at CS
student pic

Ben Markines
Ph.D. Student at CS
(NWB portals)

student pic Peter Hook
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(IVC Database, COS)
student pic

Bruce William Herr
Student at CS
(Software Repository)

student pic Elijah Wright
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds, Information Diffusion)
student pic Caroline Courtney <ccourtne@indiana.edu>
Master student of Fine Arts
(Software Repository
, Drupal)
Check out her Business Site!
student pic Shashikant Penumarthy
Master student at CS
(Chat Log Visualization in 
3-D Virtual Worlds, WorldMaps)
student pic Lalitha Visvanath
Master student in Bioinformatics
(Tree Alignment, Encyclopedia of Phylosophy)
student pic Ketan Mane
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(BioInformatics Visualizations & Enable)
student pic

Weimao Ke
Master student at SLIS
(Enable, InfoVis Contest 04)

Previous Students
student picAlaa Abi Haidar, <alahay@alahay.org> Masters Student at CS
student pic Sidharth Thakur
<sithakur@indiana.edu> Master student at CS (Visualizing Knowledge Domains)
student pic Nidhi Sobti
<nsobti@cs.indiana.edu> Master student at CS (Visualizing Knowledge Domains
student picJason Baumgartner <jlbaumga@indiana.edu> Master student at SLIS (Information Visualization Software Repository)  
student pic Nihar Sheth <nisheth@indiana.edu> Informatics (InfoVis Software Repository, Phylogenies) Now working with Ravi Sachidanandam at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, NY
student pic Jeegar Talakshi Maru <jmaru@cs.indiana.edu> CS (Evolution)
student pic Benjamin Ashpole <bashpole@bashpole.com> (Great Programmer & Thinker) Now at Lockheed Martin, PA.
student pic Ryan Johnathan Jones <ryjjones@indiana.edu> Fine Arts (Designer)
student pic Min Xiao <mxiao@cs.indiana.edu> <minxiao@263.net> SLIS (Designer)
student pic Raghuveer Mukkamalla <rmukkama@indiana.edu> SLIS (Data, Handin & , Servelet) - Wedding pic
student pic Richie Hazlewood <whazlewo@indiana.edu> Informatics (3-D Virtual Worlds)

Tamara Misenor McMahon
, <tamaramcmahon@yahoo.com> Now at Los Alamos National Lab, NM.
Daniel P. Johnson <dpjohnso@iupui.edu>
Alan Lin <alan@mail.exsyin.com>
Lin Sy-Miaw <miaw46@hotmail.com>
Andy Clune <aclune2001@yahoo.com>

top Ph.D. Students
student pic

Stacy Kowalczyk
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(Data Preservation & Provenance)
[K. Börner (chair), J. Mostafa]

student pic

Justin Donaldson
Ph.D. student at Informatics
(Music Recommendation)
[Erik Stolterman, Katy Borner, Mehmet Dalkilic]

student pic Bill Dueber
Ph.D. student in IST
(Citation analysis of Instructional Technology)
[Barb Bichelmeyer, Chair; K. Börner, M. Molenda, R. Schwier]
student pic Sidharth Thakur
Ph.D. student at CS
(Visualization of mathematical objects)
[A. Hanson (chair), K. Börner]

student pic Peter Hook
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(Educational KDVis)
[J. Mostafa & K. Börner (chairs)]
student pic Mark Meiss
Ph.D. student at CS
(Internet Traffic Analysis, Chizu)
[F. Menczer (chair), K. Börner, M. Gupta, A. Vespignani]
student pic Cuauhcihuatl Vital
Ph.D. student in Biology
[Emilia Martins, Bill Rowland, Elizabeth Houseworth, K. Börner]
student pic Elijah Wright
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(Information Diffusion Models)
[K. Börner, J. Paolillo, S. Herring, Tom Gieryn]
student pic Daniel O. Kutz
Ph.D. student at SLIS
[H. Rosenbaum (chair), J. Mostafa, K. Börner]
student pic Ying Feng
Ph.D. student at CS
Information Visualization
[P. Baker (chair), A. Hanson, K. Börner]
student pic Ning Yu
Ph.D. student at SLIS
(Visualizing Knowledge Domains)
[K. Börner, K. Yang, T. Duffy]
student pic Tyler Waite
Ph.D. student at SLIS
Augmented Reality
[R. Shaw (chair), A. Robbin, K. Börner]

Previous Ph.D. Students
student pic Ketan Mane
, <kmane@indiana.edu> Ph.D. student at SLIS, [K. Börner (chair), J. Mostafa, S. Kim, Luis Rocha] Title: "Envisioning Knowledge: Tightly Coupling Knowledge Analysis and Visualization", Oct 2006.
student pic Caroline Beebe, <beebe@indiana.edu> Ph.D. student at SLIS, [E. Jacob (chair), A. Robbin, K. Börner] Title: Bridging the Semantic Gap: Exploring Descriptive Vocabulary for Image Structure", Aug 2006.
student pic Hakan Tuzun, <htuzun@indiana.edu> Ph.D. student at IST [S. Barab (chair), K. Cagiltay, Elizabeth Boling, K. Börner] Title: "Motivating Learners in Educational Computer Games", 2004.
student pic Seungwhan Lee, <swlee@indiana.edu> Ph.D. in Telecommunications [Gillespie (chair), Lang, Börner] Title: Effects of Interactivity on the Diffusion of Computer-Mediated Communication", 2003.
student pic Dr.Volker Paelke, <Volker.Paelke@ikg.uni-hannover.de> Visual Interactive Systems, C-LAB, University of Paderborn Germany, Title: "Design of Interactive 3D Illustrations”, 2002.

top Master Students
student pic Christina A. Anderson
Employer: AT&T Broadband 
and Internet Services/Training 
& Education

Previous Master Students
student pic Hosang Cheon
, <HCheon@international.edu> Master student at Telecommunications [T. Gillespie (chair), E. Boling, K. Börner] (Designing An Online Journal Component: The First Content-Related Tool in Learning Management System)
student pic Yan Sun, <yasun@indiana.edu> Master student at CS & Telecommunications (Museum of the Person)
student pic Thomas Hunt, <thunt@indiana.edu> MIME Graduate student, Telecommunications, (Web Game Page)

top Independent Studies & Research Practica
student pic Peter Hook
Ph.D. student at SLIS
L702 (2 credits, Fall 2005) Best Practices Cookboock for InfoVis
student pic

Stacy Kowalczyk
Ph.D. student at SLIS
L702 II (Spring 2006) Digital Preservation in Cyberinfrastructures

student pic

Shashikant Penumarthy
Ph.D. student at SLIS
L702 (Spring 2005) (Information Diffusion) L594 (Fall 2006)(Using VWTK to visualize spatio-temporal data)

student pic

Ketan Mane
Ph.D. student at SLIS
L600 TV (Spring 2005), L600 Processing for InfoVis Tutorial (Fall 2005)

student pic Robert W. Carteaux Jr., IST Ph.D.
(Analyzing and Visualizing User Interaction Data Collected in Quest Atlantis)
L594 (Spring 2005)
student pic

Elijah Wright
Ph.D. student at SLIS
L600 (Spring 2005)

  • Yue Pan, FlowMapper for NWB, Summer 2010.
  • Bradford Demarest, Scientometric Studies, Summer 2010. (SLIS MIS Scholarship offer)

Previous Independent Studies

student picJohn Burgoon <jburgoon@indiana.edu> SLIS Student, L600 (2 credits, Summer II, 2005) (InfoVis Tools) Log
student picCuauhcihuatl Vital <cvital@indiana.edu> Ph.D. student in Biology, L594 (Spring 2005) (Cowbird's Social Networks
student pic
Nicole A. Roberg
<nroberg@indiana.edu> Graduate student at SLIS, L594 (3 credits, Fall 2005) KDVis for kids Log
student pic
Jose Montalvo
, SLIS <jomontal@indiana.edu> (Patent Analysis) L597 (Spring 2005)
student picChristopher Michael Friend, SLIS <cmfriend@indiana.edu> (Automatic Upload for IVC-DB) L594 (Fall 2004)
student picElijah Wright, SLIS <ellwrigh@indiana.edu> (Diffusion Review) L702 (Fall 2004)
student picKetan Mane, SLIS <kmane@indiana.edu> (BioInfo with Sun Kim) L702 (I) (Spring, 2004) | (SRS Browser) L702 (II) (Summer, 2004) | (Graph Matching) L600 II (Fall 2004) | (Qualifying Paper) L600 I (Fall 2004)
student picHardik Sheth, Informatics <hsheth@indiana.edu> (P2P Networks) I552 (Summer 2004)
student picShashikant Penumarthy, CS <sprao@cs.indiana.edu> (Geographic Diffusion, PNAS data set) L594 (Spring 2004)
student picRenee LeBeau, SLIS <rdlebeau@indiana.edu> (FishEye Table) L594 (Fall 2003)
student pic
Gyeongja Jun Lee, SLIS <gjlee@indiana.edu> (Chat Log Vis. in 3D Virtual Worlds) L594 (Spring 2003)
student picSidharth Thakur <sithakur@indiana.edu> CS (Visualizing Animal Behavior Domain) Y790 (Spring 2003)
student picJason Baumgartner, SLIS <jlbaumga@indiana.edu> (IV Software Repository) L594 (Fall, 01 & Spring 02) 
student picTamara McMahon, SLIS <tmcmahon@lanl.gov> Collab. Visual Interfaces to DLs, L594 (Fall 2001)
student picYu-Chen Lin (Alan), SLIS <alanlin99@hotmail.com> (Chat Log Vis. in 3D Virtual Worlds) L594 (Sum I, 01)
student picBrian Horvitz, IST Ph.D.<bhorvitz@indiana.edu> (iUniverse) L594 (Fall 2000)
student picTyler Waite, SLIS Ph.D.Information in Place <twaite@informationinplace.com> (VRHanoi) L702 (Fall 99)
student picSven Bertel, Mitja HmeljakMatt Jadud, Bob Najlis CS (VegoWelt) Y790 (Spring 99)